MCR Girls Can : Be inspired in Manchester

MWM has been busy working in partnership with Manchester city council to bring you Manchester’s very own ‘MCR Girls Can’ Campaign.

‘MCR Girls Can’ is part of Sport England’s ‘This Girl Can’ national campaign which celebrates and motivates active women up and down the country. ‘MCR Girls Can’ stars local women from across the Greater Manchester area and is here to support you on your journey to get active!

Shot on the Sony PXW – FS7 our aim was to capture Manchester Women giving it a go, trying new challenges, achieving their goals and feeling great.


MWM chose the Sony PXW-FS7 for 3 reasons:


1.    The camera is compact and easy to travel with – perfect for shooting over 10 locations during the same week.

2.    The PXW-FS7’s ability to shoot up-to 150 fps was crucial for ultimate slow motion control.

3.    Finally, we could shoot a large amount of the footage in native 4K which gave our editor much greater creative freedom to frame the shots.

All in all, the perfect camera for MCR Girls Can.


Girls. We jiggle, therefore we are.